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Developmental Editing

Not sure how to even start your project? We can help get the creativity flowing. Already have ideas but not sure how to put them together? We will help streamline your project. Brainstorming with a professional editor is valuable in the early drafting stages.

This service includes the following:​

  • Discussing ideas via email, phone, or video call.

  • Brainstorming a thesis, main idea, plot, or theme.

  • Nonfiction: Creating an outline with main points and subcategories. 

  • Fiction: Helping world-build and create character maps.

Developmental Editing

Just finished your first draft? Developmental editing is highly recommended if you are ready to begin your first major revision. We will focus on your ideas, organization, consistency, and presentation. Our comments will be designed to help you strengthen core elements in your work. This is the most collaborative phase of the editing process and may require substantial changes to the project.

This service includes the following:​

  • Focusing comments on organization, style, tone, pacing, and clarity.  

  • Evaluating whether the manuscript is appropriate for the intended audience.

  • Revising, reordering, cutting, or expanding material.

  • Nonfiction: Commenting on thesis, main points, and arguments.

  • Fiction: Commenting on plot, conflict, settings, characters, and dialogue.

  • Reporting clear and actionable suggestions in an editorial letter.

Line Editing
Line Editing

Already gone through the major developmental editing process? If you have revised your text one or more times and feel confident that the plot and organization are finalized, it’s time for line editing. Here, we will identify discrepancies in theme, plot, arguments, and style at the paragraph and sentence levels.

This service includes the following:​

  • Establishing or maintaining the appropriate language level for target audience.

  • Eliminating inappropriate jargon, clichés, and euphemisms.

  • Maintaining tone and style on the paragraph and sentence levels.

  • Pointing out inconsistencies and repetitions.

  • Adjusting the length and structure of paragraphs or sentences.

  • Fiction: Analyzing dialogue and ensuring characters are distinct and consistent throughout.

  • Reporting clear and actionable suggestions in an editorial letter.


Feel like you are done with revisions? You may be ready for copyediting. We will go through your text line by line to correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and source citation. After this edit, your manuscript will be ready for typesetting.

This service includes the following:​

  • Editing for grammar, usage, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization errors.

  • Providing or maintaining the system of citations.

  • Checking source citations and consistency with style guides.

  • Reporting clear and actionable suggestions in an editorial letter.


Manuscript? Done. Editing? Done. Your book is finally ready to be published. Whether you are going to self-publish your book on Amazon or for personal use, your book will need to be formatted to look professional. We will make your book look its best.


This service includes the following:

  • Formatting books as industry-standard PDFs or e-books.

  • Adding page numbers, headers, footers, and margins.

  • Creating title, copyright, and table of content pages.

  • Incorporating photos in line with the text.


Nearly ready for publication? We will go over the final typeset format with a fine-toothed comb and catch the last few grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. No major changes or suggestions will be made.

This service includes the following:​

  • Editing for minor grammar, usage, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization errors.

  • Correcting formatting issues, such as page numbers and headings.

  • Evaluating accuracy of elements, such as cross-references, captions, headings, hyperlinks, and metadata.

To learn more about our editing services, read the following Tip:




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  • Graduate School Applications

  • Theses

  • Textbooks



  • Biographies

  • Blog Posts

  • Children’s Books

  • Novels

  • Web Content



  • Footnotes

  • Indexes

  • Instruction Manuals

  • Pamphlets

  • Resumes

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“I’d recommend this service to anyone trying to polish up their writing.” 

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