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Together we have over thirty years of editing and writing experience. We have edited for publishing firms, international magazines, academic journals, universities, and a slew of individuals. And we’re excited to work with you and your project next!

Breanna Call

Weaving someone’s story into words on a page is my passion. There’s something about documenting a part of someone’s life—whether that be a resume, personal history, or research paper—that gets me up in the morning. That and Coca-Cola. I love the small-town life, my family, and reading murder mysteries. I have a BA in linguistics and a minor in editing.

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Amy Guan

I was that kid who picked a profession and stuck with it. You may call that unimaginative, but I prefer to call it dedication. I edit because I love it. I love plotting outlines, treading through unfamiliar topics, and discovering misplaced modifiers. Editing is an adventure and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I love playing video games (open world only), eating whatever my husband grabs from the clearance section at Asian Mart, and being taken on walks by my two big dogs. I have a BA in English and a minor in editing. 

Christina Crosland

When I was young, I read any book I could find. I scoured my parents’ full bookshelves, leaving no book untouched—even the “boring nonfiction” (which turned out to be not-so-boring!). That passion for reading grew into a passion for getting more powerful stories on the shelves. If I could, I would transport myself and my family to Rivendell, though I wouldn’t mind second breakfast at the Shire either. I love being right-brained, loving on my daughters, and saying hello to cats. I have a BA in humanities with an emphasis in foreign literature and a minor in editing.



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Academic Textbook

“Breanna is a pleasure to work with. Communication is clear and prompt. Always professional, her feedback is both gentle and comprehensive, making what could be a difficult journey into writing, an enjoyable learning experience. Her eye for detail and her willingness to discuss ideas to achieve clarity guarantee any composition will be stronger and more impactful for her contribution.”

— Erin V., storytelling consultant & course facilitator

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