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Evaluate and improve overarching elements such as theme, organization, clarity, and pacing in the work as a whole.

Amending discrepancies in tone, style, and plot at the paragraph and sentence levels.

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Everyone has a story. And sometimes that story is hard to write. We’ve all been there. Your story could be a résumé, a novel, a family history project, a business post, a memoir. Whatever it is, we can work with you to make it better.

We started Ever Editing to help you put your story out in the world. Your voice matters. Your ideas matter. We want your story to have an impact. We are three professional editors with over 30 years of combined experience editing everything from college applications, to online university courses, to fantasy novels. We can jump into your project no matter what stage it's at and help you get it done—and done right.

Unlike other editing services that charge premiums while doing the bare minimum, we make it a priority to not only edit but also become a supporter and a teammate. We know the writing process is difficult, and we can make it easier. We want to be your first and last stop for fantastic—and affordable—editing.

Here are just a few of the projects we have worked on. You can read about more projects and all the editing services we offer on our Services page.

Throwing Caps
Graduate Applications

We have helped 200+ students get into graduate, medical, and dental school—with scholarships. We help with every step of the writing process: resumes, personal statements, diversity statements, and more.

Stacked Books

We have partnered with universities and publishing companies to create online, college-level textbooks. We guide authors as they write, code the content online, create assessments, and so much more.


We have worked with authors and publishing firms to create storylines, develop characters, and make sure every comma and word fit perfectly with each story.



Resumes | Graduate School Applications



Children's Education Manuals

“Very professional! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!! I highly recommend Ever Editing Services.” 

— Dina A., Educate and Empower Kids CEO
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